Best Foodie Spots in and Around Forster

Discover the Ultimate Foodie Spots while enjoying a holiday in Forster.

As the weather cools it’s the perfect time to go searching for a piping hot coffee, a warm bakery treat, or spend the morning inside a cosy café watching the world go by. Forster-Tuncurry might not strike everyone as the place for foodie delights, but hidden alongside the stunning beaches are farm-to-plate experiences, distilleries, a thriving café culture, and some of the world’s best oysters. 

Forster, a quintessential holiday haven boasting sun-drenched beaches, crystalline waters, and an abundance of activities to delight every traveler’s soul. Yet, amidst its natural splendor, Forster also beckons the discerning palate, offering a tantalising array of culinary delights waiting to be savored. Prepare to tantalise your taste buds as we unveil the ultimate foodie spots in and around Forster.

Si Senorita

Overlooking the serene expanse of Wallis Lake, Si Senorita stands as a testament to the vibrant flavors of Mexico. From modern twists to age-old classics, indulge in a symphony of tastes crafted from locally sourced produce and authentic spices, accompanied by artisanal cocktails that dance on your palate.

Spice Monkey

Image courtesy of Destination NSW.
Food and drink available on the menu at Spice Monkey, Forster.

Spice Monkey is a balance of modern and traditional Asian cuisine with a strong Japanese influence, holding the top position in TripAdvisor since 2015. With panoramic views of Wallis Lake, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the evening as the sun sets. Immerse yourself in a culinary odyssey, guided by skilled chefs and an ambiance that whispers tales of distant lands.

Beach Bums Cafe

Image courtesy of @beachbumscafe

Kickstart your day at Beach Bums Café, where breakfast becomes an art form and ocean views serve as the perfect backdrop. From wholesome gluten-free options to irresistible bacon and egg rolls, savor every bite amidst the laid-back coastal vibes, complemented by impeccable service and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This beachside café is also open for lunch.

The Dragon’s Den

Everybody loves a country Chinese takeaway, but for a shared dining experience like no other, venture into The Dragon’s Den and immerse yourself in the flavors of China. From sumptuous Yum Cha delights to enticing drink specials during happy hour, revel in the camaraderie of good food and great company in a setting that exudes warmth and hospitality. Dumplings are a must!

Image courtesy of @naomieats__

Thirty Three Degrees

Thirty Three Degrees has a relaxed atmosphere with a menu boasting modern Australian cuisines with all your favourites. Overlooking the pristine Wallis Lakes of Forster-Tuncurry, it’s the perfect spot for a long lunch with oysters and champagne or a night out on the water. If you look out in the distance, you’ll see some of the East 33 oyster leases, where dedicated farmers cultivate their Sydney Rock Oyster harvests.

Image courtesy of @_thirtythreedegrees

The Artisan Farmer

For a paddock to plate experience, you can’t go past The Artisan Farmer. The Artisan Framer is dedicated to creating a vibrant culinary experience centred on freshly sourced produce. Their property includes a cafe, bakery, and deli with the sustainable farming of our their very own Wagyu beef, garlic, ginger, and honey, complemented by produce from across the community. It’s the perfect spot to try the local produce of regional NSW.

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